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orthopaedicAre you experiencing some severe back or neck pains? Well, these are some of the symptoms exhibited when you have some spinal problems. Are you considering consulting an expert for diagnosis? Then, Dr. Rovner of NJ spine center is the best in that field.

Why Dr. Rovner?

· He is an experienced specialist who deals with all spine related issues.

· He is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons and thus licensed to practice in New Jersey and New York.

· He was fellowship – trained at Twin Cities Spine Center where he obtained specialized skills to diagnose and treat spinal problems

· He is an open – minded surgeon who always takes his clients through all the treatment options that are available – making the client to be part of the process. This makes the client to appreciate his/her condition and embrace the treatment option offered as the best.

· He is known to be conservative thus will only result to surgery if all other minimally invasive treatment options cannot work. He takes the client through the surgery process and all the risks involved.

In addition, at NJ spine center you will also come across a team of experienced specialists who assist Dr. Rovner. They warmly receive all the clients and hold personal discussions to understand the intensity of your pain before using state of the art machines to test for a variety of spinal issues. If your spinal problem cannot be handled at the center, they have links to other centers and refer their clients immediately.

It is important to study how your back or neck pain behaves. Take time to study the pattern, source, duration it takes and also note factors that aggravates the pain. This allows quick diagnosis by these specialized experts. They are able to match your description to certain problems thus narrow down to testing the most likely options.

Why NJ spine center?

· It has a pool of experienced experts. This ensures that you get the highest quality in all our spine related services.

· It is highly accessible. If you wish to book for a consultation you can contact them at 201-227-1299. You can as well contact them for any question regarding their services.

· Uses state of the art equipments such as MRIs. This ensures proper diagnosis and treatment.

Experts at NJ spine center always exercise due diligence to keep you away from unnecessary risks. They also make a follow up to ensure your road to recovery after a surgery is on track.

Surely, NJ spine center is the most appropriate place to visit for personalized care of all spine related problems.